supporting smpeg...

Dominique Louis Dominique at
Fri Feb 8 05:36:23 EST 2002

Hi All,
   This is my first message to this list, so pardon my ignorance.

As part of the JEDI-SDL project to allow SDL and various other libraries 
like SDL_Image, SDL_Mixer & SDL_net to work with Object Pascal in it's 
various forms ( Delphi, Kylix & FreePascal ), we have also added smpeg 
support as well. Currently we have a demo that plays MPEG movies inside 
a Delphi/Kylix application, and one of the guys on the team has also 
been working on an MP3 player that uses smpeg.

So a couple of questions we had are...

- Will smpeg support changing volume on the particular OS that it is 
running on?

- When playing an MPEG file, how do I find out where the current 
position being displayed is so I can implement a frame by frame viewing 
system and also a progress bar?

- Will smpeg support DivX format in the future?

- Is there any documentation/tutorials anywhere that are similar to the 
SDL documentation?

I hope these question are not too boring.



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