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Yeah, looking this over, it appears to be a pain upon pain in the butt
region to actually suss this out. Using instructions from
http://wiki.libsdl.org/Android, I've tried to compile something, but have
gotten error upon error for stuff working out. Using their NDK-Build guide
with SDL(4.1) and it's dependancies, I managed to get this set of errors,
presumably for building Android libs including just files instead of
compiled dependancies.


 and building with my formed ndk-toolchain, I can't set the SDL2-Config to
anything that works with the Android system or registers as a valid entry
for that matter. I'll look into it some more, see what comes out.

On Fri Nov 21 2014 at 4:37:40 AM Eric Wing <ewmailing at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 11/3/14, Joey Carlini <moocow1452 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > So, I'm working on a port of MKXP to Android, so that we could get all of
> > our RPG Maker XP goodness on our mobile devices, including To The Moon
> and
> > other homebrewed RPGs. The problem is that it uses a funky flow for how
> it
> > works with Audio, which requires a custom patched version of SDL_sound
> that
> > I am having a hard time building for Android. It doesn't want to take
> when
> > I try and use a standalone toolchain to compile the latest mercurial, and
> > trying to fish one out of scummvm's project is no better, so I'm just
> > having a hard time figuring out what to do without rewriting the entire
> > audio delivery portion of the code.
> >
> > https://github.com/Ancurio/mkxp/tree/master/patches/SDL_sound
> >
> > Any ideas, guys?
> >
> Hi Joey,
> I'll share what I know, but at the end of the day, Android is really,
> really painful.
> I built SDL_sound for Android several years ago. I did not use the
> CMake build system, but rewrote the build process by hand in an
> Android.mk because at the time, it was the easiest way to build it
> into the product I was working on at the time because they had a
> monolithic Android.mk. (This was Android 1.6 days, so the toolchain
> sucked even more back then.)
> The hardest part were the dependencies, like mpg123. I recall x86
> assembly code in that library so figuring out how to reinvent the
> build system and deal with arm was a pain.
> Fast forward a good number of years, and thanks to 3rd party CMake
> toolchains, CMake is useable for Android. However, all the SDL_sound
> dependencies don't necessarily have a CMake build system, so that will
> be a pain.
> Honestly, I find build systems much harder/complicated than code a
> large deal of the time. So I'm actually not using SDL_sound anymore,
> but rolled a native Android OpenSL ES decoder into my audio library
> ALmixer (which used to solely rely on SDL_sound).
> So you will need to figure out how to build the SDL_sound dependencies
> and SDL_sound itself. I think SDL_sound is the easy part.
> I now have the CMake build process for Android down to a point where
> I've been able to document it and repeat it for multiple projects.
> There are still a bunch of hoops you have to jump through. (The
> biggest are setting up the standalone toolchain and setting
> environmental variables.) But I find it much better than using the
> Android.mk/ndk-build system.
> I setup an example with ALmixer here so other people could learn from it.
> https://bitbucket.org/ewing/hello-android-almixer
> Additionally, OpenAL-Soft is a dependency that ALmixer depends on,
> though this uses its own supplied Makefile system. This is actually a
> good example of how to get CMake to find 3rd party dependencies on
> Android.
> Once these components are built as dynamic libraries, the final Hello
> World app build process relies on the official NDK external module system
> to
> find ALmixer and OpenAL and build appropriately.
> Because there are a lot of disjoint steps, all of this is strung
> together by some Perl scripts.
> The README.txt contains a lot of information on how to setup things.
> Android NDK development is really painful so take your time on this.
> Don't expect to be able to grasp everything in 10 minutes. That said,
> I think this example is one of the smoothest examples ever made of
> building and using complicated 3rd party dependencies on Android with
> the NDK.
> I also built JavaScriptCore, which is one of the hardest, most
> complicated projects I've ever had to build. I documented it here and
> might be used to cross-reference what I did with ALmixer.
> https://github.com/appcelerator/hyperloop/wiki/Building-
> JavaScriptCore-for-Android
> Anyway, I hope some of this might be of some help.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> P.S. I love To the Moon, and just played A Bird Story. Beautiful.
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