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Tue Mar 6 14:13:37 EST 2012

I think that framework is my Core Audio based implementation of
SDL_sound (which is now in mainline). It uses Core Audio to handle
most of the decoding formats so you get a lot more formats and a lot
less bloat plus optimizations Apple has made for their platforms. You
wouldn't use smpeg because Apple already has an MP3 decoder (and it is
probably better). I think I compiled in Ogg Vorbis into that
framework. I think I omitted the other ones that had 3rd party
dependencies like MikMod. I used to have a MikMod Xcode project and
even an SDL_sound framework that used it, but that was years ago. It
might still be floating out there somewhere.

SDL_sound is just a decoder. My submission allows SDL_sound to use
Apple's native Core Audio decoders when on their platforms. While
SDL_sound was designed with SDL in mind, I actually use it with
OpenAL. It is my main backend decoder for my OpenAL wrapper library:
ALmixer (which the API design was influenced by SDL_mixer).

You can check out the Corona SDK (commercial, free/unlimited trial)
which uses ALmixer.

Mac, Windows, and Android use ALmixer/SDL_sound/OpenAL. iOS I had to
bypass/remove SDL_sound due to LGPL related reasons.


On 3/6/12, Andreas Umbach <umbach at gmail.com> wrote:
> Heya,
> I finally found some time to play with XCode 4, and much to my surprise
> Spotlight found ˜/Library/Frameworks/SDL_sound.framework on my drive
> (don't ask me how it got there).
> Apparently it's identical to the one available from
> http://www.assembla.com/spaces/SDL_sound_CoreAudio/documents/tag/SDL_sound.framework
> Acoording to the headers it's based on SDL_sound-1.0.1, but I'm not sure
> what modules are enabled (haven't checked yet).
> Does anybody have a working SDL_sound framework for 1.0.3 with mikmod
> (and maybe ogg & smpeg) support? Ideally I'd like to support 10.4 up on
> both PowerPC and Intel architectures.
> How does SDL_sound/SDL compare to the alternatives (CoreAudio / OpenAL /
> ???) on each platform at the moment? Is it still worse persuing or would
> you just recommend I rewrite the SDL_sound relying code?
> Thanks in advance for any information and opinions on the matter.
> - Andreas
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