[sdlsound] New SDL_sound release

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Feb 22 04:50:58 EST 2012

Am 22.02.2012 um 09:56 schrieb Eric Wing:

> On 2/21/12, P. Martin <mrsmiley98 at lycos.com> wrote:
>>>> Any chance for a 1.0.4 or 1.1 release made from the latest code in
>>>> there?
>>> This is something we should do. Let me find some time to do it.
>>> --ryan.
>> May I please request a bump to 1.0.4 too?  I ask because taking advantage
>> of the fixes for OSX and CoreAudio in HEAD is impossible with the new
>> XCode-4.3
>> because Apple remove the autoreconf and aclocal, and we can't bootstrap.
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> Did you download/install the separate command line tools package from
> Apple/Xcode?

Apple really removed autoconf and automake from Xcode 4.3. And it makes sense, given their aversion against GPL software.

This has been confirmed by both the MacPorts and Fink teams (I am a member of the latter).

While it is not true that one can't build SDL_sound anymore (one "just" needs to install autoconf and automake, e.g. by hand, using MacPorts, Fink or Brew), it certainly gives yet another very good reason for a new SDL_sound release.

At this point, even a 1.0.3a re-release with just the autoconf stuff regenerated would help a lot of people... But a 1.0.4 or 1.1 certainly would be much better.

And I hereby renew my offer to help with this if I can.


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