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Thu Mar 12 02:55:39 EDT 2009

latest Libtool source from GNU, a workaround is to copy the libtool
from MSYS's local/bin directory and replacing the one in SDL_sound's
with it.

Another bug is that in "SDL_sound_internal.h" incorrectly defines
inline at least for MinGW.
It should be :
/* SDL 1.2.4 defines this, but better safe than sorry. */
#if (!defined(__inline__))
#  define __inline__ inline // <== fixes building under MinGW

Also, with the latest CVS the removal of alt_audio_covert.* was missed
in the causing the building of SDL_sound to stop simply
removing the build links should fix that.

And... for some reasong SDL_sound is unable to produce a .DLL but.. I
found out when I was using a round about method to produce a
libSDL_sound.dll.a that there is a function that doesn't exist
anymore! I believe it used to exist in libSDL since that's what
extra_rwops keeps refering to.

As seen here.
extra_rwops.c:151: undefined reference to `alloc_pooled_rwops'
extra_rwops.c:151: undefined reference to `free_pooled_rwops'

I do not know how to fix this since I don't have a good knowledge of
SDL and what's changed since 1.2.4 to 1.2.8.

The current version of libSDL is 1.2.8, so I'd recommend updating...

Jeremy S. Priest

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