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Thu Mar 12 02:55:39 EDT 2009

is the "proper" way of handling clipping. It's a shame
you have to compromise around this. 

I think the idea of having different path backends
(for float and int) based on processor is a more
appealing solution w.r.t. correctness and
future-proofing. (As graphics have moved from int to
float, I kind of expect audio to do the same.)  

I do agree that leaving the post-mix callbacks in
whatever format is a reasonable compromise.

Just my worthless 2 cents,

--- "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at>

> I've been thinking about this, and it occurs to me
> that most games don't
> have a huge problem with audio clipping at mix time,
> and if they do, no
> one cares, so forcing everything to float32 isn't
> really worth it.
> My thought is that we should use signed 16-bit ints
> on all platforms if
> possible, regardless of the presence of an FPU.
> I also think callbacks are on their own and should
> deal with whatever
> format they are fed (which allows for later
> expansion to other formats
> and prevents the need for conversion just for the
> callback).
> Kinda bothers me that it has to be this way, since
> it adds complexity to
> both the mixer and the application that wants to use
> callbacks, but I
> really can't see a better solution to this.
> --ryan.

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