Announcing SDL_sound 1.0.2

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu Apr 17 14:31:30 EDT 2008

It's been awhile, and a lot of good fixes have been accumulating in 
revision control for many months, so it's time for a new stable branch 
release of SDL_sound. Introducing version 1.0.2!

Notable changes:

- Added playsound_simple.c for a dirt-simple usage example.
- Fixed potential buffer underflow in Speex code (Thanks, Andrea!).
- Fix broken .voc decoder.
- Look for speex.h in correct location for newer libspeex releases.
- Minor correction in Timidity resampling code (Thanks, Sam!).
- Fixed uninitialized buffer in mpglib. (Thanks, Phil!).
- Fixed bogus memory dereference when SMPEG fails init (thanks, Chris!).
- Fixed for FLAC 1.1.3 API. (Thanks, Josh!).
- Fixed mpglib build issue (thanks, Sam!).
- Fixed gcc4 warnings.
- Fixed Mac OS X build issue.
- Fixed libmodplug build issue (thanks, Tyler!).
- Fixed automake issues.
- Converted repository to Subversion.
- Corrected MikMod URL
- Converted all text to UTF-8.
- Updated my email address.


Source package:


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release!


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