[sdlsound] Module formats don't repeat correctly

Peter S. May psmay at gwu.edu
Mon May 30 10:48:46 EDT 2005

This file is the default game music in glTron; it's the tune I was 
talking about.

Thanks -- PSM

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> So the fact is this:  .IT files and .XM files that I have tried do not 
>> loop/jump as expected when played by SDL_sound.  Here are my questions:
> Can you send me a link to the music files that are causing problems?
>> - Is anyone working on this at all?  (While I'm at it, is anyone in 
>> fact still developing on SDL_sound?)
> The 1.0 branch is basically done, so short of bugfixes like this, there 
> isn't any compelling reason to mess with it. Overall, I'm pleased with 
> how the API and implementation turned out.
> 2.0 is on the TODO list as a sort of better version of SDL_mixer, but 
> there's no timetable for that.
> --ryan.

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