[sdlsound] Module formats don't repeat correctly

Peter S. May psmay at gwu.edu
Mon May 30 09:39:17 EDT 2005

Yeah, I figure it's something that definitely warrants another look, and 
I was just putting out a feeler to see if someone already took that look.

Hopefully I'll have time to look at it this summer.  Module support is 
really important to me; modules are _the_ video game music (dissenting 
opinions aside ;-).  I'm going to be working on additions to glTron for 
my senior project this coming fall and spring, and it'll look good for 
me if the sound works right.

Thanks for the lead.

-- PSM

Torbjorn.E.Andersson at personec.com wrote:
> Peter S. May wrote:
>>So the fact is this:  .IT files and .XM files that I have tried do not 
>>loop/jump as expected when played by SDL_sound.  Here are my questions:
>>- Has anyone else noticed this before?  It's happening for me on
>>multiple architectures, so I'm assuming it's not an OS-specific problem...
> SDL_sound's MikMod decoder deliberately prevents looping by setting
> module->wrap and module->loop to 0. This may be a bad idea. I copied
> the behaviour from SDL_mixer. (The ModPlug decoder sets mLoopCount
> to 0, which probably does the same thing; I don't remember.)
> Perhaps this should be changed, even though it could make bad things
> happen in Sound_DecodeAll()... I'm not actively involved with this
> project any more (ScummVM is my current obsession), so I'll just let
> someone else decide.
> Torbjörn

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