OSX Woes (Intro)

Chris Nelson chris at toysforbob.com
Sun Jul 3 04:01:15 EDT 2005


The next 3 emails you're about the read detail my endeavors to get 
SDL_sound working on OSX Panther. The cliff's notes version is that I 
tried a million things, but I couldn't get it to work. It is my hope 
that detailing precisely what I did will lead to a solution.


The official SDL page indicates the SDL_sound works very well under OSX:


The official SDL_Sound page, http://www.icculus.org/SDL_sound 
<http://www.icculus.org/SDL_sound/>, doesn't supply any OSX packages.

Fink, the apt-get interface for OSX, doesn't have SDL_sound binaries in 
its repositories according to their page:


A google search for SDL_sound OSX packages or fink binaries doesn't give 
any useful results.

I'm running OSX Panther, and I'm trying to compile SDL_sound 1.01 (both 
the stable and svn branch). Basically, it's a mess, and I feel like I 
can get really close to a successful compile, but tiny things are in my way.

I've already installed SDL 1.2.8, libogg, libvorbis, and smpeg from the 
following locations:

    * libsdl: http://www.libsdl.org/release/SDL-1.2.8.tar.gz
    * libogg: http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/ogg/libogg-1.1.2.tar.gz
    * libvorbis:
    * smpeg: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.icculus.org:/cvs/cvsroot
      co smpeg

I'll send separate emails with my experiences of the svn trunk, and 
v1.01, so read on...

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