On the fly sampling using playsound

Manav Gautam manav at ncoretech.com
Wed Oct 20 06:25:29 EDT 2004

Hi all,
       I have been trying to use playsound to convert a 8Khz audio file to 
44Khz file and play it on the fly . This is being done on a ARM platform and 
the OS is linux . It runs 8khz and 44Khz files perfectly .

I have a 8Khz wav file and  the command that i have been using is 
./playsound file.wav --rate 44100 --predecode 

But this gives me  garbled noise(superfast version of the original .wav file) 
and deploys the SDL parachute .
Any ideas on how to go about achieving this. Any suggestions would be great.


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