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Steve VanWerkhoven sv at
Tue Nov 2 18:18:22 EST 2004

To all who are interested, 

I am experienced in programming with C++ both in console applications and
OpenGL programs, using first the GLUT API, and now SDL. I am trying to
implement the SDL_sound library with SDL to be able to play .MP3 sounds
during a game I am programming for a university course project. 
I am sorry but I have switched to Visual C++ and am having difficulties with
libraries, headers, source files and the linking of them all. I my past
years of programming C++ I just wrote drivers, and then headers, and source
files and the like, but them in one folder and it worked. When trying to use
SDL_sound I am confused about the number of different files, libraries and
so forth and what to do with them all. 

I am currently hoping to use the wrapper file for SDL_sound written by
Dominik Haumann, which is linked to from the SDL_sound main page. 

I have several openGL video game scenarios programmed and all working
properly, so I did manage to get the SDL libraries and headers files in the
right folders/locations to compile and link properly.
In regards to myself and other new users who may be confused by the number
of files and libraries and so forth, can anyone let me now, how to get
SDL_sound compiled with a driver properly in Visual C++ 6 for windows. If
this information comes forth I will be willing to set up a page for
beginners like myself with instructions on how to use SDL_sound for those
with knowledge of SDL.

I hope you will take some time and give me the few answers I'm looking for.

Steve VanWerkhoven
University of British Columbia
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