[sdlsound] Flac problem on X86

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon Jul 28 19:20:43 EDT 2003

> Flac may be available on your system, but that doesn't mean SDL_sound
> KNOWS it is...  it could be interpreting it as raw.  Try 'playsound
> --decoders' to see if FLAC is really supported.

I'm fairly certain you have to force SDL_sound to use the RAW decoder for
this very reason.

> Lastly, what version of FLAC do you have installed?  I seem to recall some
> trouble with FLAC constantly breaking it's interface between versions;
> SDL_sound might need the latest version.

This is a more likely problem. I wish FLAC would stop breaking their API.
We've had to make changes on several occasions. The latest SDL_sound
removed the backwards compatibility, since it was getting too hard to keep
up with it.

Assuming they haven't broken the API again, make sure you've got the
latest libFLAC.

If you've got a smallish file that causes problems, please put it
somewhere I can download it (do not email it as an attachment to this
list)...I'll take a look.


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