[sdlsound] SMPEG

Ted Kulp wishy at comcast.net
Fri Jan 17 19:46:06 EST 2003

Thanks for your help.  Time for me to figure out how to do sound in SDL. 
I'm still using libao from when the program was ogg only.  I only put SDL
in to use SDL_sound (and get easy MP3 support).  Guess it's time to rip
out the libao stuff and go SDL only.

Thanks again,

>> If I enable SMPEG, I get no sound.  Nada.  It's filling the buffer with
>> data, because I have my counter working from the size of the data in the
>> buffer, and it's full everytime.  If I disable SMPEG, everytime I play a
>> file with id3v2 tags, I get garbage and it just moves on to the next
>> song.
> SMPEG requires you to have the audio device opened through SDL_OpenAudio()
> before decoding. This is a stupid requirement, but that's how it is at the
> moment. That's the usual cause of problems.
> The other MP3 decoder (mpglib) doesn't deal with file corruption at all,
> and doesn't understand ID3v2 tags. There's a hack to discard ID3v1 tags
> before passing them to the decoder, and the same could be done for ID3v2,
> I suppose.
> --ryan.

Ted Kulp
wishy at comcast.net

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