[sdlsound] time to finish painting...

Andersson Torbjorn E torbjorn.e.andersson at tietoenator.com
Sun Sep 29 12:35:21 EDT 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> SO...if anyone is still listening, here's the gameplan:

5) Make sure the FLAC decoder still works with FLAC 1.0.4

I'm too lazy to compile FLAC right now, but it looks like there
will be Debian packages for it pretty soon. I'll check then.

> have to realize that there will be a 1.0.1 release no
> matter how perfect 1.0 is anyhow.  :)

Things will get really interesting once the SDL_mixer rewrite
begins. I bet that will uncover quite a few bugs. :-)


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Torbjörn Andersson

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