[sdlsound] alt audio converter

Frank Ranostaj ranostaj at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Sun May 26 19:55:46 EDT 2002

Hello Torbjörn,

regarding the issue with min() macro (and now the abs() macro, too), 
I figured out they are in my stdlib.h. I missed the changes of ryan, 
where he replaced them with the ?:. May I ask you or ryan to 
remove the inclusion of stdlib.h and replace it with a platform 
independ header or an definition in an more sensible place? I am not 
sure whether and where they are available on the the different 
supported systems. I dislike to replace them with operator ?:, 
because this did not state the intend of the function. 

I've done another snapshot because the variable rate converter start
to do something meaningful (in the mono mode for now, stereo is 
untested). Can you apply it to the CVS?

If I understand you correctly, you didn't get an output out of an simple 
(no rate change) path. Which one did you tried?

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