AIFF-C codec docs?

torbjorn.e.andersson at torbjorn.e.andersson at
Tue May 28 03:22:31 EDT 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can get some docs on AIFF-C codecs?
> These are the ones referenced in aiff.c ... if there is info
> somewhere on the 'net and they aren't too complex, I'd like to
> implement them before 1.0 Otherwise, I'm willing to permently
> bury them in the TODO file. SOX doesn't implement anything but
> uncompressed AIFF.

I don't think I ever saw any documentation on the actual compression
methods for AIFF-C when I was looking for it. Not any I could
understand, at least. Though at the time all I really wanted was to
make sure SDL_mixer had the AIFF capabilities it claimed to have, so
I didn't look very hard. I figured that if someone needed it badly
enough, he could provide the patch himself.

The links I used for documentation back then must have been:

I don't see anything obvious at a quick glance at the first link, and
I can't check the second one at all at the moment. (I've finally
gotten a new computer at work, and I haven't had the time to install
a PostScript viewer on it. Things are a bit... interesting, at the
moment. :-)

Perhaps you'll have better luck?


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