[sdlsound] Smpeg problems, continued...

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Thu Mar 28 17:09:11 EST 2002

"Ryan C. Gordon" wrote:

> > Through experimentation, I've noticed that if I use the debug build of
> > smpeg 0.4.4, it works fine;  but using the release build causes it to
> > 'skip' during drumbeats etc..  It doesn't matter whether SDL_Sound is a
> > debug or release build.  Could the problem be in smpeg itself, rather
> > than SDL_Sound?  Is there any way to coax smpeg to output debug data as
> > it decodes?
> It's likely an SMPEG bug, then.
> You can get playsound to dump playback to disk instead of the soundcard
> with these environment variables set:
> set SDL_DISKAUDIOFILE=outputfilename.raw

Won't let me do that...  it complains:

Couldn't open audio device!
   reason: [Passed a NULL mutex].

> That will get you post-mortem debugging of the decoded stream, but I don't
> think SMPEG has any other debug chatter.
> What is likely happening is that there's a variable that is overflowing or
> there's a point where a signed integer is expected but Visual C uses an
> unsigned, or vice-versa.
> Is this SMPEG the latest from icculus.org's CVS, or was this a prebuilt DLL?
> --ryan.

Neither.  I took a zipped source package of the official 0.4.4 release -
smpeg-0.4.4.zip - and built it on my machine.  The mpeg.h file in it still says
it's 0.4.3 for some reason, but all the doc files that come with it say it's

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