[sdlsound] alt audio converter

Frank Ranostaj ranostaj at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Sat Jun 22 13:24:00 EDT 2002

Andersson Torbjorn E wrote:
> > Anyway - does my previous version sounds only horrible or does it crash?
> It just sounded bad. Metallic/electronic, somehow. Think "doorbell". (There
> was also a strange "echo" and/or "stuttering", but that could very well be
> because I just used a random number for dst_size. :-)

Ok. That's fine - in some way. The latest version should fix the
of the sound at least for mono. I am not sure about the echo or
didn't happen for me.

About the buffer issue: we have to kind of buffers, as I mentioned some
ago, and the answer of Ryan addresses the whole sample buffer, while my
question is more concerned with the chunks for the callback function,
should be a power of 2. May I ask you and Ryan to check the code in the 
padSilence function? 


> I haven't tried the latest version yet.

You will hopefully be positively surprised.


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