Recent change in SDL_mixer's MikMod decoder

Torbjörn Andersson torbjorn.e.andersson at
Tue Jan 8 02:39:54 EST 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

 > The question is how to enable that?

I guess the best way to get the discussion going is to make sure the 
situation can arise in the first place. ;-)

The included patch should:

* Make a few cleanups to the MikMod decoder
* Rename the MikMod decoder mikmod.c instead of mod.c
* Add a ModPlug decoder, modplug.c

The decoders use different prefixes for their functions, so both can be 
built at the same time, though only one of them will be used for a 
particular file type.

The ModPlug decoder is basically a quick hack done too late at night. It 
may be buggy. It certainly doesn't even try to verify that what it's 
trying to play really is a MOD file. In one test I made it tried to 
decode a FLAC file, with less than stellar results. It should probably 
be restricted to only play files with the extensions it knows about.

At the moment all the bells and whistles I could find in ModPlug are 
turned on. We'll need to find a good cost/quality tradeoff. Since I 
don't understand what most of these features are, and my computer 
speakers probably aren't good enough to tell the difference in sound 
quality anyway, I'll gladly leave that to someone else.

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