mpglib in SDL_sound

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Thu Feb 21 15:04:39 EST 2002

I've embedded mpglib into the SDL_sound tree. This is based on the mpg123
source (but is LGPL'd). It's very tiny, so it makes sense to embed it for
MP3 decoding when people don't want an external library (or the weight of

It's also somewhat buggy, intolerant of corrupted MP3s, and writes to
stderr on occasion. Feel free to tinker with it. You'll need to do a "cvs
update -d" or a fresh checkout to get the new directory, and you'll need
to explicitly --disable-smpeg on the command line for mpglib to pick up
any data streams, since SMPEG will get first dibs on them otherwise.

Any patches to mpglib will also be sent back to the original mpg123


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