[sdlsound] SDL_sound 1.0 goals.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon Feb 11 04:24:51 EST 2002

> I don't even know which kinds there are. I've been hoping that it's the
> kind of thing that someone else will fix if/when the need arises. :-)

Yeah, I guess that's true. I'm going to look at the GSM compression WAV
chunk, though. If it's easy (and my docs are complete), I'll implement it.

>  > Anything else?
> I've been meaning to try and figure out why I get nasty popping noises
> at the end of at least some WAV files (e.g. the cuckoo.wav from
> MindRover). I don't know if the problem is in SDL_sound, playsound or in
> the WAV file itself.

I just looked at this, and it's not the WAV decoder (run playsound --loop
cuckoo.wav and you'll see what I mean). It appears to be the SDL_Delay()
call we added to let the audio buffer drain before the SDL_CloseAudio()
call, which doesn't make any sense, since we call SDL_PauseAudio(1) before
it.  Comment the delay out and the click goes away.

This suggests a subtle SDL bug to me, but I may be wrong, since I've only
looked at it briefly.

> Something I'd like to see is better conversion filters, particularly for
> the Sound_RateSLOW() one. However, I lack the knowledge to do this and
> it might not be a 1.0 issue anyway.

This'll need some research, but it's definitely worth looking into. If you
look into this in the next few days, let me know if it's worth tackling,
otherwise, I'll report back if/when I get around to doing that research


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