SDL_sound 1.0 goals.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Mon Feb 11 03:15:24 EST 2002

Yes, that says "1.0".

I've pretty much run out of stuff to do for SDL_sound, so I'd like to call
it "feature complete" for a 1.0 release after this.

Here's the TODO before a 1.0 release:
 - Implement shn.c's rewind() method correctly.
 - Write manpages.
 - Resolve any FIXMEs in the code. Stuff that just needed to be revisited
   but is in fact fine should remove their FIXME text, the rest should be
   handled as is appropriate.
 - Clean up the VOC decoder (this mess is mine)

Here's some stuff to discuss:
 - sdlsound-config script for Unix systems: need it?
 - Any other AIFF or WAV formats we should be handling?

Anything else?


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