[sdlsound] probs with sound_init

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Dec 8 12:23:30 EST 2002

> damn, damn, damn. sorry guys, that's not what gives me the error. i'm
> really sorry for posting junk.
> anyway this is it : sample = Sound_NewSampleFromFile("shine.ogg", 0, buff);
> after this i get the error.
> Ryan, i'm not using any events or anything, as a matter of fact i'm
> not using ANY sdl functions other than the ones that initialize and
> close sdl.

Any chance I can see the source code to your program? It makes tracing
this easier.

Also make sure you're using SDL_sound 1.0.0 (not an older version), and
that you've got a relatively recent SDL (1.2.5 is a good idea), to make
sure it's not a bug we've already fixed.


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