[sdlsound] probs with sound_init

Eric Wing ewing2121 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 8 00:25:15 EST 2002

Hello. Out of a strange coincidence, at the same
moment I read your email, I got the exact same error
message: Passed a NULL mutex. Spooky.

Are you using things like SDL_PollEvent to grab
keyboard strokes? If so, make sure you init SDL with
INIT_VIDEO and use SDL_SetVideoMode. It looks like SDL
can only grab events from a SDL created focus. This
cleared up my problem and had nothing to do with


--- vano <khan1 at mail.ru> wrote:
> hello. ok, when i do sound_init() sdl gives me me
> this error: Passed a
> NULL mutex. i've never used sdl threads and don't
> have time to learn
> them, so i can't really tell what in the function
> causes probs (it is
> a pretty small function and it sux that i'm not good
> at sdl). any
> ideas about what can cause that?

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