hello. problems with initialization

vano khan1 at mail.ru
Wed Dec 4 18:41:28 EST 2002

First of all i want to kinda introduce myself. My name is Ivan.
I'm not a hardcore C programmer, as a matter of fact i'm in high
school. so expect dumb questions from me :)
Anyway when i do Sound_Init(); sdl (not sdl_sound) gives me the
following error: Couldn't open \TIMIDITY\timidity.cfg . i've tried to
trace where the program is looking for the file using filemon,
but don't see a reference to it anywhere. Ideas?
Another thing is that when i use Sound_NewSampleFromFile() i get this
error (again from sdl): Passed a NULL mutex. i can't even imagine what
could be causeing the problem. one thing is that i'm using the lib
with wxWindows, but wx (win version) is just a wrapper around mfc
and i don't think sdl should have problems with mfc.
that's it. i've been trying to get sdl_sound working for a couple of
weeks now, i even decided to use the bass library instead, but i ended
up with a sense of guilt for using a commercial library :)

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