MIDI support (was: Autoconf working yet?)

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sat Sep 29 12:31:48 EDT 2001

At 18:26 Uhr +0200 29.09.2001, Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
>Max Horn wrote:
>  > Timidity alone is no solution. At least for Windows and MacOS, you
>>  want native midi support. If you look, SDL_mixer now has that (th
>>  windows driver writtebn by Florian Schulze, the mac (QuickTime based)
>>  midi driver written by me, modifiyng the midi driver I originally
>>  wrote for exult).
>Yeah I noticed, but as far as I know there's no support for that 
>under Linux with my sound card so, unlike TiMidity, it's one of 
>those things I wouldn't even be able to test, let alone write. :-)

That is why I wrote: "Timidity *alone* is no solution". We need to 
support both :)

And supporint BeOS midi should be possible (and trivial), too :)

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