SDL_Sound & Visual C++ 6

Murlock murlock at
Tue Sep 25 18:02:24 EDT 2001

Well, it's compil
but when i try playsound, the famous Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL
Parachute Deployed) appears

the error appears to be in Sound_Init
decoders[i].available = decoders[i].funcs->init();

value of somes interesting(?) variables
total 3
i 0
decoders[i].available 0
and all decoders[i].funcs->... NULL !

VC6 strike again ?
To compil SDL_Sound, I must remove the extern for
#if (defined SOUND_SUPPORTS_WAV)
/*extern*/ const Sound_DecoderFunctions  __Sound_DecoderFunctions_WAV;
I assume that I've put all files in same project otherwise I have an
unresolved external symbol with ___Sound_DecoderFunctions_WAV

I've only defined wav, voc & aiff

well, too tired... go to bed

Gloire à mon saigneur Arioch
Murlock (

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