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Tue Sep 25 05:50:47 EDT 2001

At 21:30 Uhr -0400 24.09.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>  > Please note: you probably do *not* want to add these files to CVS
>>  (they should be generated by the bootstrap script):
>>    config.guess, config.sub, configure, depcomp, install-sh, ltconfi,
>>, missing, mkinstalldirs
>I am supposed to be running the "bootstrap" script, which then prepares
>./configure to be run, right? After ./configure succeeds, I can run make.
>Is that correct?


>This is the output I'm getting...
>[icculus at gemini ~/2/SDL_sound_mod]$ ./bootstrap
>aclocal: 65: macro `AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library
>aclocal: 78: macro `AM_PATH_LIBMIKMOD' not found in library
>aclocal: 92: macro `AM_PATH_VORBIS' not found in library
>aclocal: 106: macro `AM_PATH_SMPEG' not found in library

This errors mean that aclocal cannot find the various .m4 packages 
that SDL, SMPEG, libmikmod and vorbis normally install. These are 
normally installed into $(prefix)/share/aclocal/*.m4

Can you check if these files are there? In particula, sdl.4, 
libmikmod.m4, smpeg.m4 and vorbis.m4

A good idea is to do this at some point (assuming $prefix is 
/usr/local for you):

cd /usr/local/share/aclocal/
cat sdl.m4 libmikmod.m4 vorbis.m4 smpeg.m4 > /path/to/SDL_sound/acinclude.m4

This way even people w/o vorbis/libmikmod/etc. can bootstrap 
SDL_sound. The file acinclude.m4 should be recreated like this 
whenever the source .m4 files are updated, of course.

>automake: unrecognized option -- `--force'

Uhmmm... what versionsof automak/autoconf/libtoolize do you have? Can 
you start them with --version and look? Current are:
automake 1.4p5 or 1.5
autoconf 2.13 or 2.52
libtool 1.35 or 1.4.2

The first version is older and least you should have; the others are 
state of the art.

Because of the missing files, the rest of bootstrapping cannot properly work.


>So that we're working from the same tree, I've checked in what should be
>in CVS according to the list (i.e. everything but config.guess, etc...)

Hm, not such a good idea.

>I assume that the first couple iterations of the autoconf scripts will
>need a lot of smoothing out until they've been tried on a few platforms
>(and different distributions of the same platform). On the other hand, I
>won't rule out that I've simply screwed something up.

Something got screwed up :) And that was that I forgot to tell you to 
create an acinclude.m4, or didn't include one.

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