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Max Horn max at
Wed Oct 3 11:41:54 EDT 2001

At 11:28 Uhr -0400 03.10.2001, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>  > So, I sum this up like this:
>>   [...]
>>  If this is right, I will implement it later today.
>That's right...

I already add stuff to CVS; and I also changed the build system to 
use a (generated) config.h file, the compile command lines got quite 
long with all those -DFOOBARBAZ arguments :)

Note that we should check the flags like HAVE_STDLIB_H etc. before 
#including these files. I have not yet attepted to make this switch.

>I should have the shn decoder done today, too, so I can stop wasting my
>life on that.  Then I need to juggle SDL_sound and Serious Sam.  :)


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