Small memory-leak in MOD decoder

Max Horn max at
Mon Oct 1 12:56:00 EDT 2001

At 18:29 Uhr +0200 01.10.2001, Torbjörn Andersson wrote:
>Ooops, I accidentally sent the mail directly to Ryan instead of to 
>the mailing list. Let's try this again...
>Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>  SDL_sound is actually in good shape, feature-wise. The things that are
>>  lacking are on the near horizon (such as MIDI support, etc).
>[long-term plans snipped for brevity]
>At some point we're probably going to need a better frequency 
>converter than what SDL currently provides. You said once that it 
>would be preferable to have this in SDL rather in SDL_sound, though. 
>I wonder if it can be added without breaking backwards 
>compatibility, and what the plans for sound are in SDL 1.3...

Actually, *SDL* should get a better frequency converter :) If you 
would write one, a lot of people would be grateful. The current one 
is.... not very good :)

>>  We have tons to do still, but I think we're doing well, and (by my
>>  calculation) we're actually a little ahead of schedule at the moment.
>>  :)
>We have a schedule? Neat! :-)

Woo-hhoo! Do we have managment, too? And a CEO etc.? :)

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