Elite Force Comparison Shots

Stephan Reiter stephan.reiter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 16:01:16 EST 2008

I've fixed some problems today, I'd like to let you know about:

1. Aligned cameras - the raytracer now renderes the exact same view as the 
original version.
2. I've been able to integrate the previously standalone shader compiler 
into the ioquake3 engine. When a map loads, shaders are compiled to native 
code much like the VM for x86-64. Basically C++ code is written into a 
temporary file, g++ is invoked to create a shared library, which is then 
loaded into memory.

Some things I'd like to fix before giving you a first version of the code:
1. Get rid of GLEW-dependencies: I'll simply add the required extensions to 
QGL. Basically just PBO-support, which should be easy to do.
2. Test it on my Mac. :-)
3. Backport the changes to the latest revision of the ioquake3 code. I think 
you'd be happy to get it this way and not with included EF stuff. Thilo's 
patch should be easy to apply, because I'm basically just touching code in 
the renderer-subdirectory.

And to let the subject of this mail make sense: I've uploaded a collection 
of comparison screenshots of the original and the raytraced version. Take a 
look at them here: 

Enjoy! Thanks for your support,

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