[quake3] Elite Force Raytraced

Thilo Schulz arny at ats.s.bawue.de
Tue Mar 4 14:14:33 EST 2008

On Dienstag, 4. März 2008, Stephan Reiter wrote:
> I think it should be feasible to run this at 800x600 @ 30fps on any
> computer with a more or less up to date CPU. My computer is more than two
> years old and has a pretty limitting Athlon X2 3800 processor. So I really
> shouldn't be the one creating benchmarks here.

This sounds really cool. Please bear with me - whether you believe it or not - 
I have little knowledge about OpenGL and rendering in general, let alone the 
theory behind ray-tracing. But from what I have gathered, resolution seems to 
be a heavy factor on framerate. What order of magnitude does the 
computational complexity rise with higher resolutions?

> Btw, that floating head problem was an artifact of some jumbled up matrix
> calculations. So they're in no way related to your work and had already
> been fixed when the second video was recorded. I'll look into applying your
> latest patch though, so thanks for that!

I have made a newer patch, that applies against the latest rev 1270.

It does not have any significant changes since ioEF 1.37, just fixed the 

> I really owe you a lot for creating such an excellent patch. I don't have
> Quake 3 and definitely wouldn't have bought it just to try my raytracer
> library. EF on the other hand is a mighty fine game and I'm glad I can play
> it on Linux now, too. Thanks to you!

Thank you, I am really happy that you found and used my patch. That is what 
Open Source is all about.
My motivation behind the patch really was so I could play it natively without 
wine, and I still play it today from time to time even almost 8 years after 
the game was released.

By the way: as far as I gathered, most of the raytracing stuff is CPU based. 
Are there any plans to load tasks to the GPU?

Thilo Schulz
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