How far can SGI MIPS, Sun SPARC, and LinuxPPC go?

monk at monk at
Wed Apr 9 20:28:03 EDT 2008

This is mostly directed to those who have access to these platforms or
know them well enough in relation to ioq3.  I'm guessing...

tjw and Mattias Nissler = LinuxPPC
Vincent = Solaris SPARC
Patrick Baggett and "Mare" = SGI MIPS

You guys have probably seen some of the recent discussion about improving
ioq3 in terms of graphics and other features.  What are your thoughts? 
I'm assuming those listed platforms aren't going to have performance
issues with things like UTF support and skeletal model support.  But maybe
some issues with, say, the semi-recent framebuffer work that added bloom

How much does ioq3/q3 chug along currently, 10 fps, 60 fps?  Can your
hardware handle stuff that will make the game look more pretty, or are you
about your limit for pushing pixels?

If the ioq3 devs decide to eventually set a cutoff for features as a
legacy release, it'll probably be you blokes who can tell everyone what's
practical to include as features and what won't work at all.


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