[quake3] QVM vs. shared libs

LinuxManMikeC linuxmanmikec at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 11:46:31 EDT 2007

I'm no expert in this area, but answering what I know.

On 6/8/07, Dirk <noisyb at gmx.net> wrote:
> ok.. I've got some questions...
> 1) What is the difference between using QVM and those three shared libs?

QVM is bytecode that needs a little interpreting done at runtime.  The
shared libraries are compiled to native machine code so they are
faster.  The QVM is more secure because a mod won't be able to do all
kinds of voodoo to break out of the game's memory space.  Also, the
shared libs have to be recompiled for each architecture a mod will run
on, so QVM is easier.  And with share libs you can do anything you can
imagine with your mod, with QVM you are limited to what the facilities
the game provides.

> 2) Why do have the sahred libs in the release have different sizes
> (missionpack and baseq3)?

Um, because they have different code.  The QVM's are probably
different sizes too.  If there is a drastic size difference then one
is either corrupted or is malicious code.

> 3) Can/Should I use the shared libs in baseq3 for stvoy or MODs?

When you are using a mod you don't use any QVM or lib from the base
game.  Use whatever comes with the mod.

> 4) When I use the shared libs of OpenArena in baseoa/ and use std
> ioquake3 to run baseoa the Menu is red and other stuff is broken?

Well then it apparently isn't compatible.  Don't do that.  ioq3 is
meant to be compatible with original quake 3, OpenAreana is a project
to make a quake 3 game with all open content.  I guess they changed
some code to where things aren't very compatible anymore.

> 5) How can I figure whioch shared libs belong to which MOD?

As far as I know, the libs should be in each mod's directory, If they
aren't there is a problem.

> 6) Should I rather delete ALL shared libs and be happy w/o them?

If you have shared libs with mods make sure that they aren't required
by the mod first.  As I mentioned there are things you can do with
shared libs that you can't do with QVM unless you change the game
engine.  Check that you have a QVM for a particular mod, and if so,
its safe to delete.  I personally would just leave em.

> That would help me a lot!
> Dirk

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