Off-topic: mods and game engine coders

monk at monk at
Tue Aug 7 14:10:27 EDT 2007

Sorry for this being off-topic, but I thought it somewhat relevent to the
blokes on this mailing list.  I ran across this article the other day:

Specifically, some of it addresses the role of "game engine" projects in
relation to mods and other actual content projects.  It was interesting to
hear about a project outside of the Q3 ecosystem that also has a game
engine project that everyone benefits from with collaboration and whatnot.
 Also, how the mod in question would probably have not existed if it were
not for that dedicated game engine project.

How many projects now are leveraging the hard work of everyone on the ioq3
project?  Tremulous, padman, urban terror, elite forces, some other

You guys are making a difference and are helping many projects with your
work.  As much as I like to rag on y'all about older format/graphics
stuff, if it weren't for you guys providing a solid base, who knows how
many projects would just be untenable?

So kudos to you.  I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all
the hard work you've done for the community!


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