[quake3] Re: OpenAL music problem

Neil Toronto ntoronto at cs.byu.edu
Thu Nov 23 12:51:47 EST 2006

Tim Angus wrote:
> Thilo Schulz wrote:
>> On Thursday 23 November 2006 05:31, Neil Toronto wrote:
>>> if((!intro || !*intro) && (!intro || !*intro))
>>>     return;
>> fixed, thanks.
>> I was moving that part of code around a couple of weeks and didn't 
>> notice this obvious bug. D'oh!
> Maybe he just wanted to be *really* sure :).


Thilo: Hey, no problem! It's the kind of thing that doesn't show up 
unless a map has no intro, but does have a loop, which is rather 
unlikely. I stumbled across it while writing Python wrappers for engine 

I want you to know that I lost a good fifteen minutes trying to figure 
out why my very obviously correct wrapper was failing. I'll be sending 
an elder demon to your house to extract that much time from your 
expected life span. Thanks!


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