[quake3] Re: Long uptime bug and other suggestions

DD 0000spam at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 07:15:33 EST 2006

Hi Timbo, thanks for your quick reply!

I am using ioquake3-1.33_SVN877-1.i586.rpm on FC3 available from
http://www.openverse.com/quake3/ . Maybe i should try FC4 too.

I use just server executable and right now i am testing it, also to
see if objects will move erratically after a day or two of uptime. If
you want to check it out, feel free to join and experiment on this
server: . Use " toggle cg_drawtimer " or "
cg_drawtimer 1 " to see uptime in minutes.

How do i enable HTTP downloading? I didn't see anything on web page so
i was thinking it's not implemented.


On 11/17/06, Tim Angus <tim at ngus.net> wrote:
> DD wrote:
> > Not your fault but it would be great improvement to fix this old bug,
> > please check this out:
> > http://www.quakesrc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5595&start=0
> > ( Fix for long server uptime behavior ("choppy server"))
> That has been fixed for some time now (I am Timbo).
> > Also, it would be very good to drop UDP downloading and implement TCP
> > or some redirection. Downloading new maps from server is very slow, at
> > average 16k/s. Increasing rate is not the solution, also, how can you
> > tell novice players what the rate is and when do you tell.
> Tony J. White implemented HTTP downloading recently, make sure your
> checkout is up to date.

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