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Thilo Schulz arny at ats.s.bawue.de
Wed Mar 22 22:12:16 EST 2006

On Thursday 23 March 2006 03:42, Zachary J. Slater wrote:
> This is incredibly awesome.

I hope this was no sarcasm :P

I forgot to mention this patch only adds multiplayer, no singleplayer support.
Also, the changes that had to be done are quite extensive (as you can see, the 
patch is > 100 kbytes) and cover most parts of the engine so I don't expect 
this to ever get into icculus.org quake3, of course. I will just periodically 
update the patches to apply cleanly against the icculus.org source tree.
This is not a "final" release yet. Most stuff has been done and is working but 
there are some details to be taken care of still. Nevertheless, playing 
online works almost as well as with the original.

Anyways, general build instructions for people not familiar with the Makefile 
One should apply both the latest EF patch and the mp3 patch or the build won't 
have support for mp3s which means many sounds in EF will miss.
After applying both patches, you build the binary by using "make eliteforce". 
It will set all appropriate cflags then and build a binary you can copy to 
your eliteforce dir. If the dir is on unix systems, you must rename your 
BaseEF dir to baseEF or at least create a symlink.
That's it, you should already be able to start the game.

PS: You will require the latest 1.2 patch pk3 files in your installation of EF 
or it won't work.

Thilo Schulz
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