[quake2] ALSA sound issue and sdl sound issue

Andreas 'GlaDiaC' Schneider mail at cynapses.org
Mon Sep 19 03:17:36 EDT 2005

Ethan A Burns wrote:
> I have two sound issues.  The sound for ALSA on quake2 binary sounds like
> a
> high pitched machine gun.  I have seen another post on this on Sept 1st
> in the archive:
> http://icculus.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm/ezmlm-cgi?5:mss:1720:oogjadbaohnhojiokmhe
> It sounds like the exact same problem, I was wondering if there was going
> to be a fix soon, or if there is a way to fix this already?
> I am also experiencing problems with the sdlquake2 binary, the sounds are
> all
> fine, except for sounds with a lot of bass.  For example the sound when
> moving
> up and down on the menu sounds like crap, it is very delayed, very low
> pitch
> and is elongated.  Is this a problem with the sdl in quake or would that
> be a
> problem on my part?

Which output do you use with SDL?


Do you have a .asoundrc in your home directory with the correct values for
you Soundcard?

 -- andreas

> By the way:
> My install is via gentoo's portage, I am not running kde (or arts),
> my kernel is vanilla, and my sound card is an intel using the
> ac97
> drivers.

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