[q2x] cvars

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Tue Dec 16 15:44:02 EST 2003

> > think this conversion would be easier if the project were C++ but
> > what the hey.
> Dude, let's not even go there.


Will be doing more work next few days as I have some time coming up.
Nearly finished the GL DLL conversion and then will be onto the scary
task of debugging it. Hey, maybe it will just _work_ :-D

Currently there is just one Lua state which everything looks at. I'm
gradually getting an idea for how everything works but haven't quite got
my head around how the client/server thing works with cvars yet. I
assume values must get transmitted through the coms stuff between client
and server for remote/dedicated games. Not quite sure what happens if
server is your localhost. I.e. are there 2 "game instances" running,
client and server, or are they just one? There only seems to be one cvar
set though.


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