Plan of attack

Nick Trout nick at
Wed Dec 10 14:24:36 EST 2003

Brian, how complete are your changes now? Do you still have big
structural changes to make? Can I start hacking away at the Lua stuff?

I noticed yesterday some q2x files. What are these?

My initial thoughts for Lua conversion are:

 * Add a global Lua state somewhere - where do you think is the best

 * Try converting a single monster, e.g. "light guard" (m_solder.c?)
over to Lua. Probably need to...

 *  Create table ("class instance") for each monster with a tables for
sound, animation sequences etc. 

 * Config files create monster instance and appropriate data in monster

 * AI state based so can keep current update as in 

 * First get m_*.c files querying Lua state for animation and sound
data, then wrap calls and move everything into Lua. i.e. make Lua API
for entity database etc.


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