[q2x] Refactorization

Nick Trout nick at rockstarvancouver.com
Tue Dec 9 20:32:48 EST 2003

> Yep. I had a look in a couple of shops recently buts it's not stocked
> anymore. I think I had the CD at some point but I leant/gave all my
> to friends when I left the UK. Mmm it could well have been amongst
> those.

To ask another question: are there any known working distributions of Q2
maps that are entirely separate from Q2 resources?

> Also, I look at the retexturing project. There doesn't seem to be a
> complete pak file you can download, it's individual textures. This
> a bit like hard work, did I miss something?

I take it Q1 textures and pak files can't be used with Q2? :-



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