Introduction and question

George Leung gleung4 at
Fri Mar 25 23:26:21 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

I am interested in taking part of the PyDance project; however, I do not 
intended to work on it as a DDR simulator, but as a GitaDora simulator (aka 
GuitarFreaks/Drummania), though more focus upon drummania aspect. I will be 
basing this upon the algorithm and source code of PyDance, for while I know 
some python, programming techniques, and have played Drummania, I do not 
know how to program it in such a way.

Before I decided to put my effort into this project, I have a few question 
to ask:
1) Will the PyDance team work on a drummania simulator, and if not, is there 
any other team that is working upon something similar?
2) Many drummania simulator accept MIDI input from real digital drums. How 
do I accept these inputs?
3) What is needed to keep this open source and kept in the Debian 

In any case, nice to meet you all, and Thanks in advance.


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