[prey] installing prey

Peter Borgmann piborg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 09:26:37 EST 2008

Paul Bell schrieb:
> Cory Jon Hollingsworth wrote:
>> I'm using a Sound Blaster card.  Don't remember the exact model.  It 
>> shows
>> up like this is an lspci:  "Creative Labs SB Audigy LS" and it uses the
>> snd_ca0106 driver.
>> Does your card use the same driver?
> I'm using an Audigy2.
> Peter Borgmann wrote:
> > So here is what I did:
> > cd ~/prey
> > SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa ./prey
> Using SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa works almost perfectly with the very 
> occasional
> crackle but using SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dsp works flawlessly for me. I'm 
> using alsa
> system wide so SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio just disables audio in the 
> game.

Same here, alsa and dsp works, but not pulsaudio which also completely 
disables sound here. Strange enough, cause I do have the pulseaudio 
driver installed. My card is an old SBLive! (Emu10k1), though I don't 
believe it's mainly a matter of card type rather than the way the 
soundsystem is implemented in your distro. I'm on Linux Mint, an Ubuntu 
derivate based on Elyssa if that matters.  Just a wild guess: perhaps 
dsp can be considered the lowest common denominator, since /dev/dsp 
should be present on all (or most at least) Linux systems?

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