[prey] CD Key problem

Cory Jon Hollingsworth cory at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 9 10:20:16 EST 2008

> Cory Jon Hollingsworth skrev:
>> Yep.  That's exactly the way I did the install.
>> I highlighted and pasted the install text from the web page and
>> it with my wine install path.  Although it did prompt me again for the
installation directory during the installation process which I thought
>> strange.  It looked like the installation worked fine until I ran the
"prey" binary and the key popped up.  I tried running the install a
>> time to see if Prey would still ask for a key but I ended up with the same
>> results.
>> I still have the command in my bash recall history.  My path is a
>> different because my copy was from D2D and not Steam:
>> ./prey-installer-12072008.bin --from-install --media
>> '/home/dalek/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/2K Games/Prey/base'
> I think you should search for a file called "preykey", it might be in
some prey config dir.
> In the linux version the file is in ~/.prey/base/preykey
> This might be something like C:\documents and settings\username\Local
> You can do a search like:
> cd ~/.wine/drive_c/
> find -name preykey
> Assuming that the install from D2D was completed and functioning (I
heard the win version of prey runs in wine).

No such file in my Wine installation.

I only know that the Windows version installed the binaries and pak files
through Wine.  I don't know if it was a good install beyond the fact that
the Linux Prey installer didn't have trouble using the base directory. 
When I tried running the Windows Prey in Wine it crashed at the command
prompt.  It may not work because I skipped the Direct X 9.0 install since
I intended to run Prey natively.

It is possible that the problem is really with D2D.  Maybe they were
supposed to display my CD key on the web site under activation code and I
would have been in the same boat if I was a Windows user.  It is sort of
tough to go to a vendor after purchasing a Windows program and complain
that it does not work in Linux.

I would have far preferred a native Linux DVD/download that didn't require
the purchase of Windows software, but I don't see that happening unless
Linux gets more than 5% of the home computer share.  After all no one
wants to repeat Loki's mistakes.

One thing I don't like about this approach is it sort of defeats the idea
of voting with your dollar.  Since I purchased a Windows copy of a game, a
bean counter won't know I purchased it to run on Linux.

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