[prey] CD Key problem

Cory Jon Hollingsworth cory at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 9 07:52:32 EST 2008

> Cory Jon Hollingsworth skrev:
>> I was one of the people who after playing the Linux Prey demo eagerly
>> purchase the Windows version of Prey before the commercial Linux version
>> was released.
>> I had thought that as long as I could install the Windows version of
>> Prey
>> with Wine I could then use the Windows installation to install the Linux
>> version of Prey.  I've done this before with old ID games.  It worked
>> alright except I now have a problem that I lack a CD key.  I think this
>> is
>> a side effect of me purchasing the Windows version of Prey from
>> Direct2Drive.com who must have the CD Key hard coded into the
>> installation
>> file.  Now I have the Linux version of Prey installed but I cannot get
>> past the CD key window.  I'd hate to buy Prey a second time.  Is there a
>> way to extract the CD key from a Windows installation?
>> Just a warning to those who are planning on purchasing Prey from a
>> download store.  Make certain you have the CD key!
> Thanks for the warning.
> Now, I'm by no means tech support, since I don't even have the CD
> version installed (still waiting for discs)
> but did you specify |--from-install --media
> '/path/to/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/prey/base'
> as instructed by the installer page?
> Also, is direct2drive.com the same as steam or something else? because
> the installer page does not mention it being supported.

Yep.  That's exactly the way I did the install.

I highlighted and pasted the install text from the web page and replaced
it with my wine install path.  Although it did prompt me again for the
installation directory during the installation process which I thought was
strange.  It looked like the installation worked fine until I ran the
"prey" binary and the key popped up.  I tried running the install a second
time to see if Prey would still ask for a key but I ended up with the same

I still have the command in my bash recall history.  My path is a little
different because my copy was from D2D and not Steam:

./prey-installer-12072008.bin --from-install --media
'/home/dalek/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/2K Games/Prey/base'

I wonder if a Steam install is different in some way than a D2D install. 
Maybe the installer parses the path and looks for the word Steam.

D2D has an account page which shows what games I have purchased and has
the "activation code" next to the game which looks like a CD key, but mine
is too long for the 18 character limit that the binary gives me.  D2D has
my Prey activation code listed as "0B904692-D4CD-4FE3-BE13-7DEC045ECCC4"
which is 32 characters instead of the 18.  The first 18 and last 18 chars
do not work as a CD key.  Makes me wonder if D2D is supposed to have the
true CD key there but due to a bug mine was scrambled.

I'm not going to worry about it further.  I bought a legit copy of Prey so
2K received my monetary support for allowing the game to be ported.  That
was my intent.  I had some problems getting it to work with the "copy
protection" CD key mechanism and ended up using a pirate key to get it

Frankly this is better luck than half of the Linux games I've purchase in
the last 10 years.  Yes I was one of the few who purchased all the Loki
games back in the late '90's early '00's with the idealistic notion that
you vote with your dollar.  Sad Loki's business model didn't fair better.

Hopefully if someone has a D2D copy their "activation code" will work as a
CD key for them.

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