[physfs] MacOS X 10.8 Compilation Error for physfs 2.0.2

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Fri Aug 24 01:18:21 EDT 2012

> I looked in the Makefile and there is no "-Wall" or "-Werror" option
> anywhere (or in the CMake configuration). So I have two questions -
> one, is it possible to stop PhysicsFS complaining, as I have no intent
> to build the wxWidgets test program; two, will it be (eventually)
> updated for Cocoa?

There _is_ a Cocoa port of wxWidgets out there, but I removed the 
wxWidgets test app from PhysicsFS in the development branch, making this 
unnecessary. You can turn off building the PhysicsFS wxWidgets app with 
this CMake option:


(or toggle it off using the ccmake program, or whatever.)

PhysicsFS 2.0.x used deprecated APIs, but this has also been fixed 
already in the development branch (it's not _Cocoa_, but it's using 
non-deprecated parts of CoreFoundation, Unix pthreads, etc...basically, 
we ripped out the calls that were leftovers from Mac OS 9 for modern 
APIs, even though it isn't actually part of the Cocoa framework).

The -Werror is hardcoded in CMakeLists.txt...you can take it out of 
there if the only concern is that you're getting deprecation warnings 
with the 10.8 SDK, and rest assured the next release will fix this better.


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