[physfs] PhysicsFS 2.0.1 released!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Mar 25 02:52:33 EDT 2010

PhysicsFS 2.0.1 is now available.

This is a stable, bug-fix release. As we are still source and binary 
compatible, all users of any previous version--be it 1.0 or 2.0--are 
encouraged to upgrade. New features are being added to the 2.1 branch, 
which is not part of this release.

You can grab it here...


...or from Mercurial with this command...

    hg clone -r release-2.0.1 http://hg.icculus.org/icculus/physfs

...or just stare at the webview here...


Notable changes in this release:

- Fixed building with gcc 4.4.
- Workaround bug with lzma archiver not being able to reopen the same 
file twice.
- Fixed reading of /proc/self/exe on Linux when calculating base dir. 
Fixes unexpected PHYSFS_init() failures.
- Fixed cross-compiling problems.
- Fixed building with GCC on several platforms that don't support the 
-fvisibility=hidden option.
- Added support for building with the Mac OS X 10.6 SDK.
- Fixed latin1-to-utf8 encoding conversion issue.
- Fixed logic error in the OS/2 code.
- Replaced some C++-style comments with C-style equivalents.
- Fixed compiler warning on newer Linux systems.
- Added support for GNU/Hurd.
- Doxygen corrections.
- Setting $HOME to a missing directory on Unix will no longer cause 
PHYSFS_init() to fail.
- Improved CD-ROM/DVD-ROM detection for Linux systems.
- Corrected file sharing permissions on Windows and PocketPC.
- Other minor fixes.

Thanks to everyone that helped with this release! There were several of 
you pushing us towards 2.0.1 with great patience and talent, and we 
couldn't have done it without you.  :)


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