[physfs] PhysFS C++ Wrapper

Christoph Nelles evilazrael at evilazrael.de
Mon Jul 19 02:50:09 EDT 2010


The implementation from supertux has the most important feature: It's
tested and known to work (at least for supertux ;)). I just looked
(~60sec) over the code and it's much smaller than my implementation,
don't know if it's good (simplicity) or bad (missing functionality?).

I had really problems implementing the ios stuff even after reading many
sites (especially http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/iostream/), guides
and even books. The thing is, in the supertux implementation is the
basic stuff (overflow, underflow, sync) every guide teaches, perhaps
only these parts are really needed, but i think it's not complete.
Haven't seen anything related to this stupid putback buffer.

Am 19.07.2010 08:34, schrieb Kip Warner:
> Hey list,
> I'd like your subjective views on a comparison of these two
> implementations of a C++ wrapper for PhysFS. They both look pretty good,
> but perhaps some of you have greater insight than I do. One of these
> will end up as a model implementation for my own that I'll need for the
> game I am working on (https://www.avaneya.com).
> SuperTux's wrapper. Thanks Matthias for pointing this out:
> http://supertux.lethargik.org/svn/supertux/trunk/supertux/src/physfs/
> And this one. Sorry, I can't recall who pointed it out to me (Oli?):
> http://svn.evilazrael.net/repos/physfs_stream/physfs_stream/
> Any feedback is helpful. =)
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